First, a bit of a rant.

After seeing the demo and screenshots, I was really eager to install Zimbra and get it up and running.

However, the only thing on the disk image is the installer. No documentation, nor a clue where to find any, because there's no information on where things are installed, either!
So, I used spotlight to find the PDFs, which are essentially useless toward getting it up and going. They give some nice instructions about configurations, but that's all fairly worthless when attempting just to get the thing running.

In my defense. I've already installed Apache 2, MySQL, and PHP 4 with little to no help, and configured them for other purposes, so it's not as if I'm new to this sort of thing.

You really need documentation, let alone good documentation.
If there is quality documentation out there, it's buried deep enough it may as well not exist.

As for searching the forums, I've only found more threads where you tell others to search the forums and read documentation, so that's pointless, as well.

I think if you were to be constructive within a thread, instead of bolstering your egos, at least searching the forums would be effective, instead of bringing up five or so worthless forum topics where someone grows their ego out at someone else's expense.

The rant out of the way, when I type: "su - zimbra", then enter my admin password at the prompt, I get: "su: Sorry."

I think this software is probably of a high quality, and I'd like to cut thropugh the garbage and find out.

Thanks in advance.