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Thread: Error loading zimbraAdmin FC5 ZCS 4.02

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    Default Error loading zimbraAdmin FC5 ZCS 4.02

    I've searched the forums and don't see anything that has worked for me.

    I installed Zimbra 4.01 (zcs-4.0.1_GA_324.FC5.gz) on Fedora Core 5. Everything seemed to work fine (after new MX records propagated across the 'net). But, I have been unable to load the zimbraAdmin page from either the local machine or external (WAN) machines. I have no problem viewing the admin mailbox interface locally and remotely.

    When I try to load it locally - https://localhost:7071/zimbraAdmin - I get a "problem loading page - unexpected response from server firefox doens't know how to communicate with the server" in Firefox.

    When I try to load it remotely (Win XP Pro SP2 and IE6), I get the SSL alert, then the login page loads and when I login using the "" user and password, the page goes to the "loading" page and hangs there, obstensibly, forever

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - BTW, I upgraded to 4.02 today and the problem remains.

    I also installed the Zimbra Network Edition on a client's RHE4 yesterday and that went smooth as silk...

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