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Thread: Multi-Server Installation, stuck with passwords "Not Verified"

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    Default Multi-Server Installation, stuck with passwords "Not Verified"


    pulling my last hair out with this one, hope you can help me.

    we have ZCS running on a single server for a few days without a problem so decided to install a second Zimbra MTA.

    Running ./ on a new machine, it detects an existing installation... which must be the master Zimbra server, since it's a clean installation.

    When the main menu displays the default entries for the Zimbra component we are installing, and after changing the "Ldap master host", "Ldap Admin password", "MTA Auth host", "Bind password for postfix ldap user" and "Bind password for amavis ldap user" entries, the passwords display "Not Verified" and the install can't be finished.

    After quiting the instalation and to verify that the LDAP port isn't blocked on the master server, I,ve done with sucess a "telnet hostname 389" so this is not the origin of the problem.

    Any ideas are wellcome.

    Thank you,


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    Have you followed the instructions in the Multi-Server Installation Guide?


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    do you enable replica on ldap master?

    Enable Replication on the LDAP Master
    On the master LDAP server, as a Zimbra user, type: /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmldapenablereplica
    and press Enter. This enables replication on the LDAP Master.

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    i'm also having the same issue on zcs network 7.1.4 on my secondary ldap
    Ldap configuration
       1) Status:                                  Enabled                       
       2) Create Domain:                           yes                           
       3) Domain to create:                               
       4) Ldap root password:                      set                           
    ** 5) Ldap replication password:               Not Verified                  
    ** 6) Ldap postfix password:                   Not Verified                  
    ** 7) Ldap amavis password:                    Not Verified                  
    ** 8) Ldap nginx password:                     Not Verified                  
    Select, or 'r' for previous menu [r]
    services are running on primary ldap

    $ zmcontrol restart
    	Stopping zmconfigd...Done.
    	Stopping stats...Done.
    	Stopping mta...Done.
    	Stopping spell...Done.
    	Stopping snmp...Done.
    	Stopping cbpolicyd...Done.
    	Stopping archiving...Done.
    	Stopping antivirus...Done.
    	Stopping antispam...Done.
    	Stopping imapproxy...Done.
    	Stopping memcached...Done.
    	Stopping mailbox...Done.
    	Stopping logger...Done.
    	Stopping ldap...Done.
    	Starting ldap...Done.
    	Starting zmconfigd...Done.
    	Starting antispam...Done.
    	Starting antivirus...Done.
    	Starting snmp...Done.
    	Starting mta...Done.
    	Starting stats...Done.
    maybe this had to do with passwords on mta1

    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 Checking ldap on
    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 Unable to bind to ldap:// with user uid=zmreplica,cn=admins,cn=zimbra: 
    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 Couldn't bind to as uid=zmreplica,cn=admins,cn=zimbra
    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 Checking ldap replication is enabled on
    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 Verified ability to query accesslog on master.
    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 ldap replication ability verified
    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 checking isEnabled zimbra-ldap
    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 zimbra-ldap is enabled
    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 checking isEnabled zimbra-mta
    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 zimbra-mta is enabled
    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 checking isEnabled zimbra-proxy
    Sat Mar 10 20:25:51 2012 zimbra-proxy is enabled
    where to get these passwords (replication, postfix, amavis, nginx) on mta1?
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