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Thread: Pre-existing Postfix install

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    Question Pre-existing Postfix install

    I'm running FC3 with virtual domains under postfix. Whats the proper migration strategy for me?


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    Default well, it depends.

    You can probably easily migrate most of your postfix configs.
    postconf -n on your existing install and on zimbra install would
    be a good place to start seeing how we do things. (You should
    create domains/accounts with zmprov or admin UI, I am just
    saying postconf -n in case you're a postfix power user).

    More importantly, what is your existing MDA? /var/spool/mail
    or $HOME/Maildir or some IMAP server? There is another
    thread here on how to do IMAP migrations. For other mailbox
    formats, you might have to put something together to do the
    migration (all hail perl).

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