I have a perpetual license with 6 and was wondering if I will be able to upgrade to 7? I setup a test box to test the migration and see you have to activate 7. I'm hesitant to try to activate because it is a test box, not production. I also have to migrate from 32bit to 64bit so this will be a process. I just want to make sure my work isn't in vain. So my game plan is:

1. Migrate my version 6 32 bit to version 6 64bit on test box
2. Migrate 6 64 bit to version 7 64bit on test box
3. If all goes well do the same on my production boxes

I just want to make sure as long as my license isn't expired that I will be able to activate my server. Is that the case?

My License says it will expire Fri May 30 3000 12:00:00 so I have a little time

Thank you for your help