I apologize if this is a repost but I've searched the forums and have not found an answer.

I recently(last night) updated Zimbra to 7.0 and moved the installation to a new server.

ZCS NE 6.0.10 on Ubuntu 8.04 64 -> ZCS NE 7.0.0 on Ubuntu 8.04 64 -> ZCS NE 7.0.0 on Ubuntu 10.04 64 was my transition.

Mail is coming and going fine but the logger service doesn't seem to be working. Here's what I get when I start Zimbra

zimbra@mail:~$ zmcontrol start
Host mail.myzimbra.net
	Starting ldap...Done.
	Starting zmconfigd...Done.
	Starting logger...Done.
	Starting convertd...Done.
	Starting mailbox...Done.
	Starting antispam...Done.
	Starting antivirus...Done.
	Starting snmp...Done.
	Starting spell...Done.
	Starting mta...Done.
	Starting stats...Done.
zimbra@mail:~$ exit
root@mail:/opt/zimbra/log# /etc/init.d/zimbra status
Host mail.myzimbra.net
	antispam                Running
	antivirus               Running
	convertd                Running
	ldap                    Running
	logger                  Stopped
		zmlogswatchctl is not running
	mailbox                 Running
	mta                     Running
	snmp                    Running
	spell                   Running
	stats                   Running
	zmconfigd               Running
When I check /opt/zimbra/log/zmlogswatch.out I see

Error opening /var/log/zimbra-stats.log: No such file or directory at /opt/zimbra/data/tmp/.swatch_script.13361 line 92
When moving to the new hardware I used this guide. Moving ZCS to Another Server » Zimbra :: Blog

Thanks in advance!