I've been helping a client to recover their zimbra server after their primary HDD failed. Luckily their Data Drive where Zimbra was stored is intact as there are no Backups!!

I've removed the faulty HDD and re-installed the system with the same software and versions.

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and downloaded ZCS-OSS-6.0.6 2330

I've followed the moving ZCS to another server » Zimbra :: Blog

Including updating UID and GID. I've kept architecture the same, even though it was originally installed incorrectly as i386 on 64 Bit Hardware by previous contractors.

When re-running the install.sh it fails with

Wed Feb 16 15:09:32 2011 *** Running as zimbra user: /opt/zimbra/bin/mysql.server start
starting mysqld...done
Web Feb 16 15:09:42 2011 done.
Wed Feb 16 15:09:42 2011 I can't upgrade version
Wed Feb 16 15:09:43 2011 UPGRADE FAILED - exiting

This is after going through most of the process, I can't get much more detail than that I'm afraid. I'm also unable to login to the running zimbra server web interface that has been moved back to /opt/zimbra even though it seems to startup fine..

Any suggestions appreciated :-)