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Thread: ZIMBRA sending spam

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    Default ZIMBRA sending spam

    Hi, I have a zimbra server in production, first (a few months ago) I had problems configuring dns (MX record, etc.), later with the hostname (invalid HELO name: localhost) then I reinistall it with a correct name and I run BIND (FC4) for a right dns entrys. Once all that solved, always when I send an email to gmail or hotmail goes to spam folder of gmail/hotmail (and the first weeks my ip was listed at spamuhaus CBL list). I looked all the conditions my server has to aply for not be identified as spam.
    I think all the configuration is right, my zimbra server is pointed by a router: -> -> router
    then NAT:
    router port 25 -> 192.168.0.xx

    Any ideas? Thanks
    (congratulations for this FANTASTIC software)

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    The problem isn't going to be with your server (unless you really are sending spam), it will be the IP address. If you are on a residential service (AOL are bad for this) or if you have no reverse DNS or if part of your IP block is listed and you need to check you're not an open relay (not likely with zimbra setup) - it could be dozens of things.

    When you say the email sent to gmail 'ends up in the spam folder', do you have access to that email? If you do have a look at the headers and find out why it's being filed as spam.


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    Probably the best/quickest way to determine why gmail or hotmail is blocking you is to ask them. Your IP is probably "dirty", there's no telling which RBL it's listed in or which ones gmail and hotmail subscribe to.


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    as phoenix said, check gmail/hotmail for spam scoring/tracing in the headers, it should give you an indication of why it's being junked - probably rbls. because they're hit so heavily by zombies it's likely that if you're in a dynamic ip range or anything to do with adsl you'll almost certainly end up in the junk can

    to solve this, relay through your isp, all isps will give you an smtp relay that you can shuttle your email through, and its much less likely to be in rbls or blocked ranges (hopefully)..

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