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Thread: Zimbra install fail

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    Unhappy Zimbra install fail


    I'm on my third attempt to get Zimbra running. I've installed it twice on Fedora Core 4, the first time I accidentally locked myself out of the administrator account, the second I'd made a hash of some basic settings, so I though - third time lucky, however...

    When I uninstalled Zimbra using the instructions on the Wiki and tried to reinstall I got the error: Please fix your /etc/hosts file to contain . Odd as I'd already installed it successfully once, my /etc/hosts file looks like this: localhost.localdomain localhost FQDN mail

    I struggled for a while, tried FQHN instead of FQDN and eventually assumed Zimbra hadn't properly uninstalled, so I reinstalled Fedora Core 4 and tried again (having set up the hosts file in the same way). Same error! I can't understand it, this is the same software I've installed twice before on the same system with the same hosts file but now I'm getting an error.

    I'd be really gratefull if someone can help me with this, I don't know what to try.



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    umm.. err.. you don't actually have 'FQDN' in your hosts file do you? (if so, remove it!!

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    Default Thanks, now I'm confused

    Thanks dijichi2

    That was the problem. What I can't understand is: how did I manage to install it twice with FQDN in the hosts file?

    Many thanks for your help.


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