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Thread: [SOLVED] Problem installing LDAP replica (7.0.0)

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    Default [SOLVED] Problem installing LDAP replica (7.0.0)


    I'm trying to install an LDAP replica on a different host.

    I followed the recipe here, being the closest one to 7.0.0 I could find:

    LDAP Replication Installation

    Everything works during the install, and I have configured each item marked with "**"

    This is the problem:

    There are no more items marked with (**) yet it still provides the warning and refuses to accept the configuration.


    Main menu
       1) Common Configuration:                                                  
            +Ldap master host:                          
            +Ldap port:                            389                           
            +Ldap Admin password:                  set                           
            +Secure interprocess communications:   yes                           
            +TimeZone:                             America/New_York              
       2) zimbra-ldap:                             Disabled                      
       3) Enable default backup schedule:          yes                           
       r) Start servers after configuration        yes                           
       s) Save config to file                                                    
       x) Expand menu                                                            
       q) Quit                                    
    Address unconfigured (**) items  (? - help)
    Adding to that, when I run zmldapenablereplica as instructed on the replica, I get:

    [zimbra@mxbu1 ~]$ libexec/zmldapenablereplica libexec/zmldapenablereplica: line 58: [: =: unary operator expected
    libexec/zmldapenablereplica: line 293: [: =: unary operator expected
    Looking for LDAP installation...succeeded
    Verifying ldap on ...FAILED
    ERROR: Unable to verify ldap connection on  - exiting
    /opt/zimbra/openldap/bin/ldapsearch -x -Z -s base -b cn=zimbra -H  -D uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra -w 2wOHsuMWr
    Could not parse LDAP URI(s)=-D (3)

    Am I missing something????

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