Hi Forum

we have a problem with 'Out of Office' (=vacation, = auto-reply) messages.

Our setup

A=an external mail account
B=Mail gateway with a user configured email forward (MX record) to 'C'.
C=Zimbra server

1) a mail from 'C' to 'C' triggers an OoO mail.
2) a mail from 'B' to 'C' triggers an OoO mail.
3) a mail from 'A' over 'B' to 'C' will be delivered to 'C', but triggers no OoO.

I've setup a new OE ZCS 7.0.0 (one host, Ubuntu 10.04) with only one domain ( it should not be an domain alias problem).
Logfiles: For point 3) there is no attempt of zimbra sending any messages.
1) and 2) are fine (entry in the logfile, mail delivered and received).

Assuming the auto-reply is handled over sieve (I'm not sure if this is correct): are there any sieve log files ?

Thanks a lot.