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Thread: can send but can't receive

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    Default can send but can't receive

    I finally successfully set it up.
    anyone has any idea what maybe wrong if i can send mail but can't receive.

    i got a bit of help from this site but i am wondering the is a local ip is it possible to use a public ip straight away like

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    Not sure if I totally understand your question.

    Basically, you can port forward from your host machines interface to the VM Ware interface.

    I've only used VMWare on windows, and I'm not sure if that's the platform you're using.

    But-- you need to forward port 25 . . .and if it's XP turn off the firewall

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    sorry i didn't make it clearly enough.
    i am running on FC4 and the link there is for vmwave which i get some idea about how to install. of course i didn't follow the whole thing ...

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