Hey everyone. Long time reader, first post. We have been using zimbra 5.0.12 on ubuntu 8.04LTS x64 along with policyd for gray listing and spam control. Today I upgraded our server to 7.0 GA. I had the "Relay Access Denied" error and found the main.cf was missing after the upgrade. I copied that file from a backup and our mail is sending and receiving ok now. So I moved on to setting up policyd and I cannot seem to find any documentation or really any posts on how to set it up. The posts concerning cbpolicyd seem to go unanswered.

I installed the sqlite before I upgraded. There are no cbpolicyd log files created and no mention of it in the zimbra log. Also if I try and start it by hand it complains there is no cbpolicyd.conf file so it is not being created.

What am I missing here? Is cbpolicyd supposed to work out of the box or do I need to install a stand alone like I had?

Thanks for any pointers.