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Thread: OOPS please help

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    Default OOPS please help


    I made a dumb dumb mistake and copied over my passwd and shadow files for the box. This removed the Zimbra user info.

    so I ran the install again and let it upgrade and it built out new user info again.

    however now it does not allow me to change port info becuase it complains port conflicts (i changed ports at install)

    Can I Dump user data from mysql?
    Can I save data via the /opt/zimbra/db/data/ and do an install and then put that data dir back?

    What is the best way to get a new install working but still save email?

    All of my old ports do not respond but I can do an nmap and i see smtp is up. the zmcontrol start does start ok but ports dont work?

    Any ideas ?

    please help!

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    Default ?

    Any ideas?

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    Default fixed

    nevermind i fixed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by apocryia
    Any ideas?
    Yes, wait until someone gets round to giving you an answer. The answer in this case is to search the forums, there's been a ton of posts on recovering zimbra. Did you search first?


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