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Thread: [SOLVED] What Package to install for trial on CentOS

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    Default [SOLVED] What Package to install for trial on CentOS

    Hi All,
    I did notice that all version 7, 32 packages are deprecated, is it not recommended/supported to use them as trial version? can you guys tell me what version to use for CentOS? maybe i can only use version 6 one for 32 bits machone?

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    You can still use 32-bit builds for version 7.x. Just be advised that they won't be available for future versions of ZCS and your upgrade path will be cut off at some point. (you will have to upgrade to a 64-bit platform).

    The package requirements for CentOS are the same you have for Red Hat. Though this is not a "supported" platform and you need to use the --platform-override option when installing.

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