I have Zimbra installed over two sites hosting several domains.
Site A hosts most domains, whilst Site B hosts only one, but as its at a remote location it gets its own server to save on WAN costs (it has all services installed except logger).

My question is how do you configure the Antivirus/Spam system. Currently it is installed on both servers, however the configuration only allows for mail marked as Junk to be sent to one SPAM training account which is at SiteA. This means that loads of trianing goes on at SiteA but SiteB does not get any training.

Whats the way around this?

I really don't want to have to push all email back to SiteA to process it for SPAM, before shipping it right back again to deliver to the mailbox.

I have considered replicating the spamassassin and DSPAM data back to SiteB on some interval, but this will just mean that only Site A contributes to the filters. As the size of SiteB goes up this could be a significant loss of input to the filters.

Many thanks