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    i have installed a zimbra server a few weeks ago. everything was working great but than i have to reinstall the server because of a hdd-failure.
    the system was only a "test-system" so i don't make any "good" backup, but i have the Folder "/opt/zimbra/store" saved one day. now i would like to have the messages from the old store folder in my new zimbra server. how to do this ?
    can i simply copy the files into the new /store/... folder ?
    thank you for help.
    best regards,

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    I tried to copy the messages from the "old" store folder to the new one - but without success ! what do i have to do ?

    please help me...


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    Default zmlmtpinject

    If all you have is /opt/zimbra/store, you can't just do a copy. The system uses the database to keep authoritative track of what's in a mailbox, all the mutable message state, and some things (folders, tags, contacts, etc.) which exist only in the database.

    You should be able to use zmlmtpinject to re-inject those messages into the new system. They'll have lost the folder structure, read status, etc.
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