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    Hi all

    I have a question about my installation of zimbra, i have cloud service of antispam and i only receive mails from 4 ip address, in the past my domain was hosted and and received many mails of alerts (alerts of equipment we sell) but now I have the smtp server in my office and I receive few mails of alerts, my question is: zimbra could limit connections to those 4 ips? exist a whitelist to add that ips?

    My zimbra installation is standard, the only thing removed was the antivirus and antispam


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    You can do this using an external firewall, or iptables in Linux.

    Zimbra does not have the built-in ability, however.
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    Hi Krishopper

    I think I did wrong question, what I want is not to limit the connections of those ips, i know that to another smtp servers they do it and wanted to know if zimbra too

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