Hi there, I have installed ZIMBRA on alucasa.com.ve a few years ago with a static ip and my own DNS servers when I was working on that company, now I need a mail server for my own company I actually have bought my domain handeltreiben.com.ve and an account with CPANEL in a company call caracashosting.com but the CPANEL mail server (Horde) its so poor, slow and ugly compare to ZIMBRA that it almost makes me cry so I want ZIMBRA for my domain.

I ask to caracashostig.com if they can change their MX records to point to my zimbra instalation and they said YES I think thats a good way to avoid being baned by google or some other because thei ip its static, am I right? so the idea would be to do something like this:

handeltreiben.com.ve (nic)
dns1.caracasclick.com ( static ip
dns2.caracasclick.com ( static ip
something1.dyndns.com (dyndns, noip or some other)
something2.dyndns.com (dyndns, noip or some other)

Would this be posible? any ideas or recomendations? what about the DNS configuration?