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Thread: Moving Zimbra

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    Default Moving Zimbra

    I'm trying to move zimbra from it's current location. I'm following these instructions from the wiki to make a backup and then restore it into it's new location.

    I've followed the instructions of stopping zimbra and copying the files. When I try run it it doesn't work. When I try to do the upgrade as stated on the wiki, it gives me the "UPGRADE FAILED - exiting" error. I'ved tried restarting the script and I continue to receive the same error. Any suggestions?


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    Any clues in the install/upgrade logs? /tmp/zmsetup* and /tmp/install*
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    Sry, I don't mean to give such a vague description. Here is what's happening.

    I'm adding a new hdd. I've partitioned it and have used LVM to set the logical volume on it. Now that I have added the drive to my PC, I wanted to simply mount my new drive to /opt/zimbra so that I can have all my zimbra files in a seperate drive.

    - First things first. I sudo su zimbra and did a zmcontrol stop. Made sure everything was stopped before doing anything.
    - I then mounted the new drive to a new folder called /opt/zimbra2, then did a sudo cp -rp /opt/zimbra/* /opt/zimbra2
    - This did move all the files from the working /opt/zimbra folder to the new hdd.
    - I then unmounted my new hdd and renamed my original /opt/zimbra to /opt/zimbra-original and renamed my /opt/zimbra2 to /opt/zimbra and remounted the drive to the new /opt/zimbra dir.
    - I added the mounting parameters on my /etc/fstab.
    - I then restarted my PC, when I tried switching to sudo su zimbra and typed zmcontrol start, it would tell me that it didn't recognize that command.
    - Since that didn't work, I considered doing the "Upgrade" to see if that would correct the problem, but all I get shortly after it tries to stop services for the second time doing the upgrade it throws a "UPGRADE FAILED - exiting" error. I've checked the logs and it says the exact same thing.

    Is there an easier way that I can move my zimbra to the new drive?


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