Since my main system is windows server2003 with vmware on it, I grabbed the appliance (Zimbra_607_341 - vmx, not vsphere) and fired that up. So far the install went just fine, and I created a test account and could login via the web interface.

I have a couple questions though:

The appliance can, if I understand right, communicate with the AD system to authenticate accounts and effectively be a drop-in replacement for exchange. How do I set this up?

Also on that front - Zimbra says it can be used in outlook clients (calendar and all) - but when I point an outlook client at the zimbra system as an exchange server it times out and fails. What is the proper method to get this going?

I looked at the setup and admin docs but neither of them cover these points in detail (or when they do reference menu items and settings pages, there's no clear indication of how to get to them).

Overall I really like what I've seen with the appliance so far and would like to make use of it. Just need to get all my ducks lined up and right now it feels like a maze to me.