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    Default Testing Environment

    I would like to install the Zimbra VMWare Appliance on my VSphere 4.0 server. However, I need to know can I configure the Zimbra Appliance to work in parallel to our existing mail server. In otherwords, if I provide the same MX record DNS name with another email address as it's pointer, will I be able to receive mail on both servers? How would I configure this?

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    Search the wiki (link at the top of this page) for the words 'split domain'.


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    Just as a data point, I did it differently (I did it before I found the wiki for split domains).

    I set up zimbra as a subdomain.
    I forward any mail for the accounts on the zimbra domain from to the domain in the mailer setup.

    I told zimbra to use the mailserver at as the outbound relay and I set up the mailserver at to rewrite any outbound addresses as

    It looks ugly, but in all reality the zimbra config was 100% using the web interface and the mailserver at required one extra line in the config file for the rewrite.

    I did it as I intend to only use the zimbra starter edition, and therefore I only want to have people who need mobile access or shared calendars on the zimbra server. The rest stay on the exim/qpopper/dovecot main mail server.

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