Has anyone successfully installed Zimbra on Ubuntu Edgy (6.10)?
According to the install, the MX server never resolves correctly and I get the dreaded 256 install error, or zimbra-spell does not install depending on how I have my /etc/hosts set up.

I believe I have my split dns set up correctly, as when I nslookup mydomain.com or myserver.mydomain.com it resolves to using the local machine ( as the dns server.

1. I'm behind a Linksys router with a static IP. I have set the A, CNAME, MX records in my registrars to point to this static IP for both mydomain.com and myserver.mydomain.com.

2. LAN IP of the zimbra machine is (

Before I get crazy and start posting tmp logs, could someone verify what my /etc/hosts should look like?