how to waste a few hours time....

wanted to test the appliance, downloaded and installed on vsphere server out of the *.ova package, first boot -> network address wrong (what for did i enter it in the vmware import settings?), at least it got a dhcp address and was reachable via www interface but completely unresponsive for about 15 min (and yes, my server hw is more than sufficient!), java processes hanging for quite a while at 100% cpu... ok, after quite some time i am finally able to change the network adress via web interface, box is still totally unresponsive and hangs, finally i decide to login into the console and reboot.

2nd boot: box again comes up with wrong ip address... wtf ????? now the blue console setup interface pops up (that did NOT happen on the 1st boot), here again i try to change the ip adress, address is now correct, but no www service (no zimbra, no admin www) is reachable...starting to get a little annoyed (and yes i do expect a much praised appliance to work out of the box!)... so logging in and trying one more reboot.

3rd boot: correct ip address, admin www running and reachable, but still no zimbra services running, enabling does not work, high cpu, box hangs, nothing.....

starting to read forums and realizing i need a (free) licence for the appliance, ok fine, let's get it

zimbra website shows me an error and tells me "Online Ordering Is Unavailable in Your Region" ... are you serious guys ???

starting to getting angry, but ok, follow the link "contact the sales team" with the underlaying address "https://buy.zimbra.com/about/contact_us_form.php" which brings me an http error "The requested URL /about/contact_us_form.php was not found on this server" this is completely ridiculous!!

thats the point where i have had enough! as i work a lot with other (and VERY $$$) emc and vmware products i am quite used to terrible support, not working or chaotic websites, helpdesks who does not read mail for weeks, known problems that persist for years.... it seems emc/vmware puts another good project down the drain.... enough time wasted! (and another sad story how companies that are on buying spree are killing good open source projects!)