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Thread: Document attachents problem

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    Exclamation Document attachents problem

    I just installed open source edition for the first time. Everything works fine. However, I have one problem. I create document, and I can attach file to it, but I can't download that file. The link looks likes this: When I click on it, I get:
    HTTP Status 404 - no such item

    type Status report

    message no such item

    description The requested resource (no such item) is not available.

    Log file has the following:
    2006-10-14 01:57:41,570 INFO [http-8080-Processor98] [] ZimbraSoapContext - requested session no longer exists: 17
    2006-10-14 01:57:41,964 INFO [http-8080-Processor98] [mid=5;ip=;;] FileBlobStore - Stored size=15178 wrote=15178 path=/opt/zimbra/store/incoming/1160778151351-512.msg vol=1 digest=gRGPXSi++KzAjD8hoqLUO0Zbdz8=
    2006-10-14 01:57:42,015 INFO [http-8080-Processor98] [mid=5;ip=;;] FileBlobStore - Linked id=386 mbox=5 oldpath=/opt/zimbra/store/incoming/1160778151351-512.msg newpath=/opt/zimbra/store/0/5/msg/0/386-264.msg
    2006-10-14 01:57:42,057 INFO [http-8080-Processor98] [mid=5;ip=;;] FileBlobStore - deleting blob file (path=/opt/zimbra/store/incoming/1160778151351-512.msg, vol=1)
    2006-10-14 01:57:44,693 INFO [http-8080-Processor98] [mid=5;ip=;;] FileBlobStore - Stored size=123 wrote=123 path=/opt/zimbra/store/incoming/1160778151351-513.msg vol=1 digest=cPUs,jLw1Z0i,gLGbv3KPzkOGRs=
    2006-10-14 01:57:44,713 INFO [http-8080-Processor98] [mid=5;ip=;;] FileBlobStore - Linked id=387 mbox=5 oldpath=/opt/zimbra/store/incoming/1160778151351-513.msg newpath=/opt/zimbra/store/0/5/msg/0/387-265.msg
    2006-10-14 01:57:44,748 INFO [http-8080-Processor98] [mid=5;ip=;;] FileBlobStore - deleting blob file (path=/opt/zimbra/store/incoming/1160778151351-513.msg, vol=1)

    Thanks for your help.

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    Same here!

    What works is: Select a webpage graphic element with mouse (just like you select text) and copy it and paste it in the editor. It stays there.

    But attachment doesn't work.

    Chintan Zaveri
    (Yet another ZIMBRAN!)

    "Dhundhne par Bhagwan bhi ..."

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