Hello all, I am setting up Zimbra for the first time on Mac OS X Server 10.4.8. I have completed the install and am able to log in as admin and as a normal user to the web client. I do have a few questions tho...

1. During the install script I get a message saying no MX records could be found for my domain. I am under the impression that in Mac OS X server to create an MX record you click the "this machine is a mail server for the zone" in the machine page in the DNS service settings. I can dig for the MX record and have it returned correctly, why does the script not see it?

2. I can connect to the zimbra using the bonjour name Tiger.local but not the FQDN name tiger.ericmiller.net. All other services resolve the FQDN and can use the name. Where is the breakdown here?

3. Postfix is still giving me a headache. I have edited the main.cf and master.cf files but still get a postfix isnt started when running zmcontrol status. Anyone know if postfix enabler would work on OS X Server?

4. Do I need to specify the site in the Web settings in OS X server admin, if so where is the default web files directory for zimbra?