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Thread: pre-upgrade questions - osx 4.01 to 4.03

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    Default pre-upgrade questions - osx 4.01 to 4.03

    i'm a relatively new zimbra admin, but have enjoyed the product so far.

    i've been running for about 6 weeks starting with a release just prior to 4.01 GA and going thru one upgrade.

    i'm running Release 4.0.1_GA_324, Zimbra, Inc. MACOSX FOSS edition on osx server 10.4.8.

    i've made some mods to and commented out the osx hack in the zmlogger, as it caused my logger process to fail to start. that's right, the work around specific to osx actually prevented my logger process from starting.

    anyway, during my last upgrade, my mods were over written. is this expected, typical? i plan on backing up my config and specific .cf file mods before upgrading.

    also, will i have any trouble skipping the 4.0.2 version and going straight to 4.03?

    after my upgrade, i'm going to attempt to setup tomcat and apache running concurrently. i had it partially working, but my virtual host settings were disturbing the tls sasl authentication. i'd appreciate any osx specific insight. i'd like to continue using server admin to manage the virtual domains.

    i've seen the wiki docs on mod_jk, mod_proxy, and sasl issues running in mixed mode.

    do most people prefer the mod_jk approach or the mod_proxy? which fits best with osx?

    it would be nice to know if the 4.0.3 update fixes the auth issues when running in mixed mode.

    UPDATE: nice speed boost! no issues during upgrade.

    okay, i decided to press on with the upgrade. my mods to were replaced with fresh files from the installer. no big deal, but it'd be nice to have a "userspace" where these are preserved.

    i'm going to change my ldap service port and try to coexist with osx's openldap. once that's done, i'm going to change my webmail port and then get apache running on default port 80 without hosing my webmail and imap auth.
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