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Thread: OS X 10.4 Removal Help: Lost DB Connection

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    Default OS X 10.4 Removal Help: Lost DB Connection

    [I've resolved my issues; now I'd like to learn about how to get Zimbra to coexist on my Mac with existing PHP/MySQL/Apache installations.]

    I rashly installed Zimbra on my mac without looking into it too deeply. When I found it hosed my various PHP/MySQL programs, I moved to uninstall it.

    Sadly, I couldn't find the script, so I just pulled it out by its roots using the rm -f sequence described elsewhere.

    I had to manuallyrestart apache, which is cool. But I still can't get my programs to work.

    I've tried running phpmyadmin, and I can't connect -- it doesn't like my original username and password. I can get into MySQL from the command line, though.

    Can someone suggest other files that might need cleaning up?


    This is OS X 10.4 -- not the server version, however.


    P.S. Email welcome, as I'd like to restore this ASAP.
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    The script will ship with the next version. In the meantime you can grab a copy from svn.*

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