I am Kunal and very much new to zimbra. would like to take zimbra on a test run but can't get through the installation.

We have 1 vmware vsphere host with Windows 2008 server as AD DC, DNS server

Now I have installed zimbra on ubuntu 10 (64 bit) with zcs-7.1.1_GA_3196.UBUNTU10_64.20110527011124.

I am getting stuck at "DNS ERROR resolving MX for mydomain.com"

windows 2008 dns can resolve mail.mydomain.com to ubuntu/zimbra server.

bind 9 can also resolve mydomain.com and mail.mydomain.com as I have set the nameserver of my windows server under "/etc/resolv.conf"

so where should I set the MX server details ? I have already have mx server details on my windows dns .

Please help as I don't know whatelse to do . I have looked at the old posts too.