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    Default No Route To Host

    Ok I am starting to get a little confused. I am unable to send email.

    The install is fine, I can get mail. But cannot send mail. I first thought it was a DNS problem, but when I look at the email that is stuck in the queue it gives me the domain the email is going to and the ip address. It then says no route to host.

    From the box, I can ping that same ip address. So that begs the question. What in my configuration would make the application think it had no route?

    Actually, I can send email to myself. And I thought I read that zimbra sends even local accounts out through the internet?? Maybe not??

    But if so. That means that somewhere there is a configuration in zimbra or postfix that is not letting me send to addresses it does not know.
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    Can you from the system that zimbra is installed on do the following:

    The domain you are trying to send a message to....

    dig -t mx

    Make sure you get an Answer section and then try and ping one of the hosts. If you can ping there mail server and you can do a dns lookup for their mx records you should be able to send mail.

    Make sure you're routing is setup correctly on this box if you have multiple gateways. Hope some of this helps...

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    Default Good response from dig

    I get a good response from dig -t.

    I am about out of options at this point.

    Does anyone know a place I can pay for commercial support? Do you have to have over 10,000 accounts to use the zimbra support, or can you do a case by case basis?

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    Default I got it.

    The problem was that my hosting company requires all mail to go through their relay server.

    So they had blocked off port 25.

    I assumed since I had a dedicated box with no firewall that I was free, but obviously not.

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