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Thread: Admin localhost domain ?

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    Smile Admin localhost domain ?

    Hello all,

    I've just updated my installation to ver 6.0.13 32 bit on ubuntu 8.04 lts server and it seems to be running problems at all with the upgrade from ver 6.0.6 on ubuntu 6.06.2 lts server

    But...when looking at the admin server status window...I see 2 domains listed.
    1 - - which is the name of my server ( is the name of my domain.
    2 - localhost - which appears to have some problems......big RED X.....?

    Do I have a problem with my setup....??

    Don't be shy with your responses...I have a thick skin....just looking for a some guidance with this...

    TIA for all responses.

    If you need more info..pls ask I will be happy to post.

    I did not past any other info cause I did not want to flood this forum/post with any un-needed info.
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