We completed an upgrade from Zimbra 6 to the latest 7.1.1. For the most part things went OK, with a few minor issues with themes in the upgrade.

Now, however, we are getting many reports of issues with the webmail.

When using webmail with IE if you click around several times between email items or anything else in the UI it will eventually freeze up. Not a waiting to load, but just freeze, for up to a minute at times. It then comes back and you click around for a bit and it happens again. This only occurs in IE, not in Firefox, Safari or Chrome. It appears to be some sort of javascript issue.

In some version of IE you will get a message telling you that the server is not responding.

For some accounts this behaviour is worse then others, but when we have tried if you click around really fast it will eventually happen with all accounts. If you clear your cache and restart your browser it works fine again for awhile but eventually freezes up again.

We have submitted a ticket with Zimbra support, but have not heard anything yet.

I am just wondering if anyone else is having similar problems, and if anyone has suggestions for a work around we would be interested in hearing them and trying them.

Any input is appreciated.


- Steven