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Thread: help with my instalation, please

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    Smile help with my instalation, please

    Hi, I have a question I'd like to help a little, please.

    I have the following configuration.

    What is the best configuration for my server is running, only the configuration, the steps to work properly.

    since I have not been able to achieve a good configuration installed.

    please help.

    and thank you very much.

    apologize for my English.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos_Vidal View Post
    since I have not been able to achieve a good configuration installed.
    This has been covered many times in the forums, as you Zimbra server is behind a NAT router (or firewall) you will need to set-up a Split DNS.


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    Just put your mail server and mx record into a local dns server and set your resolv.conf file to read to that local server. As long as your local hosts file is ok and your settings are correct in server, going through the setup should go fine. Seeing as you have external dns host and public IP, as long as your gateway device port forwards appropriate services, the translation between the two will be fine. Your server knows that anything dealing with mail is resolved on your LAN, and any external mail is properly directed to public IP and forwarded to server by router/gateway device. That is how my setup went and works fine. I never read guide on split dns so if this being redundant than sorry.

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