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Thread: Problem with MTA setup?

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    Default Problem with MTA setup?

    My setup
    • Centos
    • Running on Virtual Machine
    • Local IP address in 10.10.10. range
    • Host name = zimbra.(mydomain).com
    • Host entry says zimbra.(my host name).com =

    When the message fails to reach the users inbox, zimbra admin, the message is defered, the error is connect to [zimbra.(my domain name).com (public IP)]: connection time out.

    I'm not sure why it is not using the host file to know that the domain is on the same machine. IS there a setting where I can hard code that address?

    Thanks Robin

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    I ended up placing a DNS entry on my local DNS server resolving my host name back to the local server.

    I just don't understand why the hosts file is overlooked. When the hostname the hosts file resolved it correctly.

    So problem hacked

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    The mail server needs a valid DNS MX & A record to resolve your local IP address.


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