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    Default Failover/Load-Balancing

    Hi all,

    I am trying to evaluate Zimbra as our successor to OCS and I have read through the docs, but I am still unsure of what level of redundancy/clustering Zimbra actually supports.

    I know that Zimbra supports multi-server setup, which is where my user accounts get stored on different mailbox servers. Afaik, one can put a loadbalancer in front of those mailbox servers the mailbox servers will re-route the requests accordingly.

    But what about IMAP?

    Plus, wouldn't it make more sense to have a clusteres storage and have multiple mailbox servers accessing that storage?


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    we had a very long ticket with zimbra support regarding loadbalancing/failover/ssl offloading solution with a hardware loadbalancer. to make it short: ssl offloading is not supported by zimbra. it has somethign to do with the proxy / backend configuration. proxy thinks it is running http and returns always http urls to the user.

    with some workarounds hardware loadbalancers (at least ours) is woring like a charm. zimbra has no knowledge of the failoversetup.

    about routing: zimbra proxy is doing this. so you have to loadbalance the zimbra proxy servers.

    2nd possibility for failover: vrrp


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