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Thread: Two mailstores, how can i recovery if one die?

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    Default Two mailstores, how can i recovery if one die?

    Hi, i installed a node 1 with Ldap Master + Mailstore (50% users) + Mta, etc working in one location and i have a node 2 in other location with Ldap Repica + Mailstore (50% users) + Mta,etc. Works fine... but how can i implement a high availability scheme?.

    Case 1: For example: if node with ldap master die.. the node 2 works fine, but only with the 50% of users.. how can i enable the other 50% users? i can't write in the ldap replica.

    Case 2: In the case that node 2 die, in the node 1 only i have to move the node 2 users store to node 1 store... this step is easy cause i can write in the ldap master.


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    You need to recover the node that dies. There are the mail data files, including the databases containing all of the meta data. Those do not follow ldap, they follow the mailbox server. So if the node dies you need to recover it.
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    you can't recovery, theres no way to setup 2 "replica" mailstores.. ie if master dies everyone still have access to all accounts(mailbox)..

    if you want HA scheme, you need to setup only one mailstore with DRBD and Hearbeat or buy Network Edition and RedHat Cluster addon.

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