Ok. I'm now attempting my second install. My first install completed correctly and there weren't any errors. However it took an extremely long time on the Creating db... step. As I began investigating this I started searching these forums for clues. I don't have a lot of MySQL experience which is probably part of the problem.

I started off with a fresh install of RHEL4. As I stated my first install never errored but also didn't come out correctly. I've now uninstalled and restarted. I just started the install again and it is again taking what would seem like too long on the Creating db step. When i go and check in the install log I see a ton of what I believe to be errors that state - Too many open files in the system. This first occurs at a line that reads

/etc/profile.d/krb5.sh: cannot make pipe for command substitution : Too many open files in the system.

It then goes on to repeat this Too many open files in the system for just about every line there after. unicode_start, which-2.sh, less.sh, lang.sh.

Is this normal behavior?

It now made it past the Creating db... part. And is at the starting servers faze.