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Thread: Multi server install ubuntu 10.04 question

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    Default Multi server install ubuntu 10.04 question

    I have finished installing the latest version of zimbra in a multi server configuration. 1 LDAP, 1 MTA/Proxy, 1 MBX.

    I have another zimbra server running version 6 in a single server install.

    When I went through the install I configured http/https access for "redirect". I am able to hit and but not https. I can hit the admin page at I am not sure how to resolve this. It does not redirect to https and it does not answer on https for /zimbra.

    Another issue I am having is that I can access an account directly via but if I try to go to the mta/proxy via the login page is displayed and after I put in the info it says "connecting" for a very long time before eventually just going to a white screen. I am new to this multi server setup and not really sure where to look to troubleshoot. I have tested outbound mail and that is working. I currently do not have any external MX records setup for the domain on this server as that domain is on my other zimbra server. I am waiting until I am sure this is working before trying to move my domain over.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    What does the following show:

    zmprov gs zimbraMailMode zimbraMailSSLPort zimbraMtaAuthURL
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    Thanks for your reply. I was able to resolve the https issue with these commands:

    zmprov ms proxyserver zimbraReverseProxyMailMode both
    zmprov ms mailboxserver zimbraMailMode both

    So that is working correctly now. I am still having a problem though trying to log into web access via the MTA server. It displays the login page and after I enter the credentials it displays "connecting" for a long time then just takes me to a white screen. If I log into web access directly via the mailbox server it works.

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