Good Day All,

I understand the Zimbra connector for Blackberry doesn't work with Zimbra Proxy services enabled on my mail servers. I'm trying to design my environment to work around this limitation. I've read through the admin/setup guides on the product and I'm not getting a clear answer to my problem. So I thought I'd ask the Zimbra community.

So we'd setup 3 servers (Zimbra Servers - all running in the same domain)

1. US-Zimbra (running proxy)
2. EU-Zimbra (running proxy)
3. BES-Zimbra - (not running proxy) - This one will be connected to our Blackberry Enterprise Server.

So all non-Blackberry users would be setup on one of the two proxy boxes and the Blackberry users would be setup on non-proxy box.

So my question is if I connect to either of the proxy boxes (US or EU) - can I be proxied to the BES-Zimbra without running proxy services on it? Or does it have to be running the proxy to make it work? No one would connect directly to the BES-Zimbra box, they would also come through the US or EU proxy.

Will this work?

Thanks in advance