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Thread: Want to test Zimbra NE 7.1 multi server HOW?

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    Question Want to test Zimbra NE 7.1 multi server HOW?

    I want to test Zimbra NE 7.1 on multiple Ubuntu 10.04 servers.
    We have 350 mailboxes and our current mail database is 150GB
    We run a windows environment and have Active Directory.

    What is the recommended setup? Medium or Large setup?

    We would like to install it on multi servers.
    - mysql on a seperate server.
    - I guess seperate LDAP server is not needed (active directory)
    - Is it possible to setup and webmail server in the DMZ?

    I have the multiserver documentation. But it is unclear for me to find out how to install it on multiserver.

    I hope someone can help me get on my way so we can test this!


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    Hi cryppy,

    your setup is actually small, but if you want to try a Multiserver environment I'd suggest to go with the Medium setup ad described in the Multi-Server Installation Guide:
    - 1 LDAP + Mailstore server (LDAP is always necessary, as it holds your server configurations even if your users authenticate against an AD server)
    - 1 MTA server

    To perform an install, read carefully the guide and then apply the configurations for each kind of service you want to set up on your servers. You need a good knowledge of how the install works and how the various components are configured during the install process, so I'd suggest you to start a new installation from scratch and familiarize with all the options before adventuring into a multiserver install.

    Hope this helped,
    Cine - Community Manager - ZeXtras

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