I try to install Zimbra 6 on a Virtual Host running Ubuntu 10.04 64Bit. The host runs with up to 4GB RAM and has a guarantee for at least 1 GB RAM.

The initial installation runs well. When it comes to startup the system, I run into problems. What I read out of the log files is that zimbra cannot startup a Java VM because Java cannot allocate the initial amount of RAM.

Fiollowing log entries show "cannot fork due to lacking memory" and so on.

I monitored systems total RAM usage and found that the zimbra startup consumes nearly 4 GB RAM when the trouble starts. The major RAM consumers are several Java processes.

I am no virtualization-pro, but I think that the startup process tries to allocate more RAM than the host can get from the real hardware. those 4 GB are not guaranteed.

Does anyone knows about such problems and can I somehow install zimbra on this virtual machine?

Thanks a lot!