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Thread: ZCS 7.1.1 Automated/Unattended Install

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    Default ZCS 7.1.1 Automated/Unattended Install

    Hello all,

    I have spent several days reviewing the ZCS 7 documentation and browsing the forums and cannot seem to locate any information on this issue. I was wondering if there is a way to automate the install process for the purpose of rapid, unattended deployment of ZCS with a given set of install options.

    I have found some information for many of the older Zimbra versions, but none of these appear to work for the current version. Ideally, I would like to have the install process scripted to the point where someone un-familiar with the Zimbra installation can execute a script, enter a few variables specific to that install (domain name, admin pass, ect.) then let the script run and when it is finished have a ZCS deployment which is ready for domain and account creation.

    Currently, I have scripted the initial server configuration without issues, and have been able to script everything I need in regards to default account, domain and admin creation following the Zimbra install, I just need to see if I can automate the installation of the ZCS software itself.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

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