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Thread: LDAP required?

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    Default LDAP required?

    is LDAP required?

    why wouldn't I want to just cache permissions in memory from a database call?

    update- just found this from a search:

    I assume the authentication layer is 'pluggable' in the next beta?

    maybe I just have a bad taste left over from past exposure to LDAP repositories, they seemed to complicate our application model when used about 2-3 years ago - of course we were building one of those 'enterprise' java apps, so everything was complicated...several 'enterprise architects' later (avg half life of about 3 months), well you know the story

    since I'm editing this post now that I found additional info from a search of the forums - and I'm done ranting- my primary questions are:
    Why would I want to use LDAP? (assuming no legacy ldap user store to worry about)...most seem to already have a database somewhere in their environment but few (?) have ldap - am I missing some justification?

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