Hey there,

I have skimmed through the forum and have not found the exactly similar question, so here it is:

I am about to install Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.1 - Open Source Edition on to a Linode server (Ubuntu 11.04 64bit).

Before I do that I have a following scheme for MX/DNS structure:

The server with Zimbra is at Linode hoster. So its address is something like li-310-120.linode.com. Let the IP of the server be 178.123.456.789.

At the DNS I will change the MX record for MyDomain.com to point at 178.123.456.789.

Is that enough for Zimbra to manage my email for MyDomain.com?

Does the domain name of the Zimbra server (li-310-120.linode.com) have anything to do with email management?