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    Exclamation License question

    I am not an english language native, and anyways license agreements usually are too complicated for me to understand, so please help me with this question:

    I work for a company that wants to use this mail system. So JUST to use it. NOT to modify it, NOT to re-sell it or whatever other purpose.
    JUST to use it.
    Can we do this without cost? Or do we have to buy some licenses ?

    Please do answer me simple . And in addition maybe give me some links about what should I try to read/print in order to be covered.

    Thank you very much

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    Hello, welcome.

    You should also try to ask your question in English and your native language, you might get some mother tongue answers 8)

    If you want to use it for your company (no resell, etc), you still have two possibilities.

    Either the OpenSource Edition version fits your need (no official support, no hot backup, no domain delegation, no Outlook 2003 connector, etc) and you can use it.

    Either you need one (or some) of the Network Edition features. Then you'll have to buy some yearly licences. The NE by itself is actually two differents licence levels : Standard and Professionnal. The Pro allows you to use the Outlook 2003 connector (ZCO) that you won't find in the Std.

    If I'm not clear enough, I think you should contact or find a VAR to answer more precisely to your questions.

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