Hi everybody

I've tried to install zimbra appliance on our vsphere infrastructure. I've deploy it as an OVA and i always get this messages about ip pools! But i do not want to work with ip pools, so i've disabled the vapp functionality in the options of the vm. After that i could start the vm and go further with the configuration process. Everything worked fine, but when i try to login on the web gui over port 5480 i can not!

I am using the vmware user with the password i've defined in the deployment wizard, but it doesn't work. If i login directly to the console it works perfectly!

So could anyone please tell me what the diffrences are between the admin and configuration user and there passwords? and which user do i have to use to login on the web gui. Port 7071 doenst work at all!

And do i have to use these ip pools? it is just a lab environment and i want to use a static ip address.

so i think these are enough question, i hope you can help me!

best regards