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Thread: Standard Edition + Professional Edition together?

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    Default Standard Edition + Professional Edition together?

    Dear All,

    one of our customers is installing ZCS standard edition already, and planning to purchase another 25-User Professional Edition for outlook sync purpose.

    my question is :

    How to install the new 25-user professional edition license onto the existing Standard edition environment (running in Multi-server mode)?
    What's the step?

    just install from Admin UI?
    or should we give the Standard Edition license back to vmware and they will return a new Standard+Professional edition License?

    any idea on this?

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    You will need to have them combine it into one license. A single license tells the server how many Professional and Standard accounts you have.
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    I understand you can have a combined license, however, how can distinguish between feature sets via a COS?

    Ie, with a combined license, you will have full accounts, however limited sync accounts - how can you map these on a COS?

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