Dear all,
sorry but I'm new in Zimbra and I'd like to create a lab environment to test the product.
I did a download of Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance, installed (ran) in my machine and configure without any problem, but since it's a lab, I used a non existent domain, something like but when I try to send a email, it's trying to find this domain as a valid domain.... to try to solve this, I added the local address in the hosts of the physical machine (environment details below) but the problem persist... if I look the queue, I can see the error:
connect to[]:7025: Connection refused

Someone can help me indicating how to create a lab, without a valid domain, please?

Environment details:

Zimbra version
Vmware workstation version 8
domain used:
Error: connect to[]:7025: Connection refused
Added in the hosts file of the physical machine:

thanks a lot,