I'm the entire IT department for my websites and family. I am really interested in using Zimba, but I want to make sure that I can install it. Right now I'm running Postfix with Maildirs and passing mail through procmail to Spamassassin before local delivery. On the client side I have Horde/IMP and courier-imap-ssl setup. Now I'd like to replace all this with Zimbra, however the same box also serves as my webserver and my development server. Will/Is there a way to install Zimbra without disrupting these services? (Apache/PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc) I am currently using Debian sarge, and many (all?) of these services are installed via apt-get. I have read the Debian thread, and it seems that progress towards a debian package (using existing packages) is in progress, but the format isn't clear (including packages in Zimbra or using them as dependencies). If somone could clarify what I should expect, and what kind of support the Zimbra Network will offer, I would be most appreciative.