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Thread: Distribution lists in external GAL (using LDAP)

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    Default Distribution lists in external GAL (using LDAP)

    We have a large number of addresses in our external LDAP-server, and weīve managed to connect to it as an external GAL in Zimbra to retrieve address information from it.

    However, we canīt find a way to display address groups from LDAP as either contact groups or distribution lists.
    So the question is if itīs even possible to store contact groups/distribution lists in an external GAL? And to browse amongst them whilst creating an e-mail in the web client.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, even if the answer would be that itīs not possible.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I can't seem to get distribution lists to show up.

    My external GAL is Active Directory (via LDAP). I do not see any groups from my AD environment and when I add new distribution lists, I do not see them in the GAL either.

    Any suggestions?

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